Life is Beautiful, Metal Bracelet, Hand Stamped Cuff, Personalized Bracelet, Custom Cuff Bracelet

Material: Aluminum

Life is Beautiful hand stamped bracelet. You pick the language and the metal of your choice.

Life is beautiful
La vida es bella
La vita e bella

Each bracelet comes in the "one size fits all" length of 6" with a space to slide on and off the wrist.

♥ 1/4" wide x 6" long
♥ Easily adjustable

The piece pictured is a representation of how your piece will look like. Each letter and design is individually stamped by hand, there will be slight variations in placement and depth of each stamped image or letter. This make your item unique, handmade nature, and one of a kind.


***For more information about the metals used, please see our "Metal/Jewelry Care" section located at the bottom menu***